Data Science Modeling Student Employee

May 13, 2024

Electric Power Research Institute
The Data Science Modeling intern will provide support to Project Managers on utility energy data projects related to predictive analysis, disaggregation research, and model development by applying statistics, mathematical/machine learning approaches, and testing/training the model/approach using available data. The responsibilities of this position include data cleansing, normalization, and transformation of data before performing data analysis and building/developing data-based models. SQL database querying and applying statistical approaches such as multi-variate regression, clustering, and/or other predictive approaches to extract learnings from data and answer research questions as laid out in the project is a key responsibility of the position.
Education, Skills & Experience:
  • Master’s or PhD student with a background in Math, Statistics, computer science, engineering, or data sciences is preferred
  • Strong knowledge of computational statistics, and machine learning approaches along with proficiency in data mining and transformation is required
  • Ability to build/write code in Python/R to apply machine learning and other self-learning techniques leveraging large datasets is strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of Revealed Preferences Theory and applicational experience is a plus
  • Powerpoint presentation skills required